'Teen Wolf' Cast Members Tease 'Heartbreaking' New Episode (Video)

Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin and Crystal Reed tell THR that there are two major character deaths to come this season and describe the former Viacom-DirecTV dispute as “disappointing.”

“Get ready to get your tissues,” Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes tells The Hollywood Reporter of Monday’s new episode.

Describing the “Full Moon” episode as “one of the most heartbreaking” from the past two season, Haynes, who plays Jackson/the mysterious Kanima in the series, credits co-star Crystal Reed with some “phenomenal” acting.

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“We found out that Alison’s mom is bitten, and so something’s gotta happen with that,” says Reed. “Alison takes that really, really harshly -- as she should, it’s her mom -- and then she completely changes.”

In the final scenes from last week’s episode, Alison’s werewolf-hunting mother (Eaddy Mays) attempts to kill Scott (Tyler Posey) but ends up with a bite from the alpha wolf, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). The episode closed with Mr. Argent (JR Bourne) cradling his ailing wife out in the rain.

Haynes revealed that while the MTV hit drama’s sophomore season has been filled with death, there are still two major characters that will meet their demise before the finale. The actor behind tough-guy Jackson also admitted that he has a softer side, telling THR that he may have shed a few tears on set.

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Monday’s episode will mark the show’s first return to DirecTV since the resolve of Viacom’s carriage dispute, which saw two episodes of the series blacked out over the course of nine days. While the ramifications of the blackout remain mixed (ratings for MTV’s Awkward was dead even in its first broadcast without the DirecTV audience), the network will keep a close eye on Teen Wolf’s ratings this week, after they took a sizable drop without the 20 million U.S. satellite subscribers.

"Our viewers dropped by almost 800,000 viewers, and that’s a huge disappointment,” Haynes tells THR. “But now we’re back after two weeks, and I’m sure our ratings are going to skyrocket again, so hopefully.”

“It was a little disappointing, but the good news is that they worked it out in the end -- and that is what I’ve been trained to say,” Reed adds with a laugh.

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