'Teen Wolf' Finale Postmortem: What to Expect from Season Three (Video)

#TeenWolfFinale was trending worldwide on Monday night following the hit MTV series’ East Coast broadcast – and for good reason.

The action-packed season two finale saw the demise of Alison’s crazy grandfather (and her relationship with Scott), a rekindling for Jackson and Lydia – and what appears to be a new alter ego for the former Kanima – plus the promise of a new, alpha-only wolf pack. Oh, and Scott is helping Stiles on his way to being Beacon Hills’ newest lacrosse team captain.

And if you can’t wait until the return of MTV Moondays – when Teen Wolf hits the air once again – The Hollywood Reporter got the inside scoop from what to expect from the show’s upcoming supersized season three.

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“What I know so far, in my opinion, it’s going to be the best season just from what we’ve discussed with storylines and the things that we set up in the finale,” says Tyler Hoechlin (Derek).

“I think it’s going to be a very exciting season and there might be some new enemies to look after,” he adds, presumably referring to the new pack in town, and possibly referring to the mysterious vet, who is now expected to come out of "retirement."

“New alliances forming, it’s always this back and forth of who’s on whose side and who needs who at what time, so there’s gonna be a lot more of that for next season.”

One alliance Derek would like to have on his side next season is a new love interest. Maybe.

“Maybe it’s time for Derek to have a love life,” Hoechlin ponders. “He’s been living on anger for so long, maybe he just needs a good girl.” For more on that, watch the video below.

Tyler Posey (Scott), on the other hand, offers a more concrete look at what’s to come.

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“Jeff [Davis] told me the beginning of season three and it’s pretty cool,” he teases co-star Colton Haynes (Jackson). “Everyone explodes… it’s pretty weird, and Scott’s the only one left.”

The network announced at Comic-Con that Teen Wolf had been picked up for another season, with MTV ordering 24 new episodes of the supernatural teen drama and moving production from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

The cast appears to be excited about their new production schedule, settling into new homes on the West Coast and prepping to begin filming later this fall. And as a bonus, MTV could find itself with another version of Jersey Shore on its hands.

“We’re actually all gonna rent a house together,” Haynes jokes.

“Like Jersey Shore?!” exclaims Posey. “That would be so much fun. This could work – we know people at MTV.”

For more from the Teen Wolf boys, watch the videos above and below. Plus, see what Haynes and Posey had to say about “Sterek,” “Holton” and their Twitter child – Carlos Colton Posey – in the video below. 

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