'Teen Wolf' Finale: What Viewers Need to Know About the MTV Series

Catch up on everything you need to know about the show before Season 1 draws to a close.

Teen Wolf will end its debut season Monday, Aug. 15 on MTV. In case you missed any of the action, catch up on all the basics from the first bite.
The Cast:
Tyler Posey as Scott McCall: The 16-year-old lacrosse-playing werewolf and main character.
Crystal Reed as Allison Argent: The new girl in town with a werewolf hunting family and love interest of Scott.
Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale: The adult werewolf who shows Scott the ropes. His entire family was killed in a house fire, save for his murdered sister and his severely burned uncle, who resides in a hospital. Hale is suspected of killing his sister, Laura.
Dylan O’Brien as “Stiles” Stilinski: The frequently benched lacrosse player who makes frequent use of his Adderall prescription. Scott’s best friend and son of a police officer.
Holland Roden as Lydia Martin: The popular girl. Girlfriend/Ex-girlfriend of Jackson, but admired by Stiles.
Colton Haynes as Jackson Whittemore: The extremely competitive lacrosse team captain. Nemesis to Scott.

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The Plot:
After suffering a mysterious animal bite in the woods, Scott begins to experience strange symptoms including supersonic hearing and unusual bouts of rage. While investigating a local murder, Stiles puts the clues together to uncover Derek’s identity as a werewolf and suggests that he may have bitten Scott in the woods.
Enter Allison, the beautiful newcomer who steals Scott’s heart. The two quickly become an item before Scott realizes that Mr. Argent is actually a werewolf hunter. Allison doesn’t learn about her family history until later in the season, when her aunt enters the picture to help with the werewolf hunt.
Jackson suspects foul play when Scott’s lacrosse skills increase overnight. He eventually gets a taste of the werewolf powers for himself when the mysterious Alpha wolf scratches the back of his neck.

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To Scott’s initial disbelief, Derek insists that he was not the wolf behind Scott’s bite, but that it was a lead wolf called an “Alpha.” The identity of the Alpha remains a mystery until Episode 9, when it is revealed that Derek’s burned uncle is the one behind the mysterious deaths that plague their town. As co-Beta wolves, Derek insists that he and Scott must work together to kill the Alpha. Allison’s aunt, who hints that she and Derek were previously involved in a relationship, eventually captures and tortures Derek.

Jackson and Lydia begin the series in a relationship, but breakup midway through the season. Allison breaks up with Scott as well, after which she and Jackson become close. She and Scott rekindle their romance at the winter dance, where he confesses his love to her.
Stiles eventually wins the attention of Lydia, whom he has long pined over, only to see her attacked by the Alpha outside the winter dance. At the same time, Scott’s identity is revealed to Allison as he transitions from teen to wolf in an attempt to save himself from being killed by two oncoming cars — one of which is driven by Mr. Argent.

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What’s Next:

The season finale will see Lydia in a blood soaked hospital bed, Stiles receiving an offer from the Alpha and Scott’s attempt to win Allison back amidst an all out war between werewolves and hunters. Previews have promised that at least one character will no longer be human by the episode’s end.  
The series was renewed for a second season and will return to MTV in 2012. The network has ordered 12 episodes.