'Teen Wolf' Season 2: MTV's Hit Drama Returns With Love Triangles, New Werewolves and a Fresh Family Dynamic (Video)

Minor spoilers below.

Teen Wolf is back with a bang.

MTV’s hit freshman drama is returning to the small screen this summer, following the cable net’s annual Movie Awards. Fans of the series were left with more than a few cliffhangers last year: What’s up with Lydia’s bite? Can Scott and Alison stay together? What will Derek do as the new alpha? How will the Argents react to Kate’s death?

All will be answered… in time, of course.

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The cast spoke with The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at a Paley Center screening of the upcoming season premiere, set to air on June 3 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, to tease what’s to come for each of their characters. In case you missed it, the first ten minutes of the season premiere can be viewed here.

“Season two picks up basically a few weeks after season one left off,” explained Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall. “Alison knows everything. Alison knows all the secrets of her family, of Scott, and she still is in love with him -- thank god, because Scott is madly in love with Alison.”

In the preview clip, we see Scott and Alison (Crystal Reed) engaged in a forbidden love affair. The duo sneaks around to avoid her overbearing, werewolf-hunting parents -- but Mr. and Mrs. Argent apparently aren’t the only ones interfering in the couple’s love life.

“They are trying to hide the fact that they are in love and still together, and then there’s other people that start to come into their relationship,” Posey teased.

“I throw a stone in [their relationship],” confessed newcomer Stephen Lunsford, who plays the camera-toting Matt, a student at Beacon Hills High School. “I don't have as many abs as he does,” he joked of Posey.

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But what about the wolves? Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek, the newly appointed alpha of the pack, was mysteriously absent from the preview clip posted by MTV.

“Derek definitely makes his entrance and it’s the alpha Derek, it’s the new guy,” promised Hoechlin. “He has a new mission this year, he kind of has a new swagger to him a little bit.  It was a fun character to play this year.”

Potential pack newcomers Lydia (Holland Roden) and Jackson (Colton Haynes) remained tight-lipped about what fans can expect from their gruesome bites.

“There’s not a lot I can tell you!” Roden lamented before firing off a slew of hypotheticals. “She’s now escaping from the hospital, so did something take me? Did I voluntarily run away? Did I involuntarily run away?”

One thing we can confirm: Jackson isn’t the only character going shirtless for the season premiere.

“It opens with Jackson getting the bite,” Haynes said. “We all know Jackson to be very cocky and very out to be the best, but there’s a lot of bumps in the road that come with him having the bite and he’s not quite a werewolf -- yet.”

As for those pesky werewolf hunters, the death of Kate (Jill Wagner) opens up a whole new can of worms and leaves space for a new character to enter the fray.

“Kate’s death was a major, major undertaking for them, which prompted my grandfather to come to town,” said Reed. “That has definitely shaken things up and the dynamic has massively changed.”

“We see Alison’s relationship with her dad sort of crumble,” she added.

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“They come with vengeance,” Eaddy Mays, the actress behind Alison’s stone-faced and terrifying mother, said of her character’s in-laws.  

“Last season was a lot of male, manly hunters, but this season it’s a really nice switch,” she teased. “Jeff Davis wrote a really beautiful line, my husband says to Alison: ‘the men are warriors, the women are leaders.’”

It’s not all drama, though, since Dylan O’Brien keeps the laughs coming as Stiles, the lone comedic influence on the show. Will the loveably neurotic police officer’s son continue to pine after Lydia’s mean girl?

“He’s still got the Lydia love,” O’Brien said.

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