'Teen Wolf' Preview: Tyler Posey, Holland Roden Talk Season 3 (Video)

Moondays are back, Teen Wolf fans, and this time with even more werewolf goodness (or badness, depending on how you look at it).
MTV’s hit drama returns to the small screen on Monday, June 3, at 10 p.m. with a new pack of alpha werewolves invading Beacon Hills. And while Jackson’s newborn wolf has fled to London since the events of the season two finale (actor Colton Haynes made his exit from the show official before production), Scott and Derek have bigger problems ahead.

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“They are trying to work as a team,” Tyler Posey tells The Hollywood Reporter of the duo’s new dynamic as their pack goes head-to-head with the alphas. “Scott can show his leadership abilities without Derek trying to pull him back, so Derek has a lot more respect for Scott.”
Season two left us with Allison (Crystal Reed) and Scott (Posey) taking a break from their relationship, while Jackson (Haynes) was transformed from a mysterious Kanima into a full-fledged werewolf. Meanwhile, Jackson’s lady love Lydia (Holland Roden) -- still a mortal -- finally became aware of her supernatural surroundings. And then there’s Stiles (Dylan O’Brien)…
“The person [Lydia] is closest with is definitely Stiles this season,” Roden tells THR,  “I feel like they’re the same person, two different sides of the same coin. It’s really fun to see them play off each other throughout the season, and then there’s the potential thing down the road… there’s a couple different potential love interest, so it’s the triangle thing going on.”
Perhaps we can expect Stiles’ good nature to rub off on his counterpart, as Roden says Lydia will be less of a “mean girl” this season.
“She was kind of going crazy on her own last season and imploding. Now, she gets to be a little more of thepack,” Roden says. “Because Jackson’s now gone, that was the one person she let her guard down with, so now she’s forced into letting her guard down with everybody else to become her true friends.”

VIDEO: 'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Trailer Debuts: Alphas Invade Beacon Hills

Among those friends is Allison, who is doing her best to deal with heartbreak of her own. According to Posey, their split is for the best. "When they were together, there was all this crazy stuff happening and they didn't need that extra amount of stress," says the actor, recalling the duo's star-crossed relationship and the many fight-for-their-lives moments that accompanied it. "Now they're reevaluating everything and trying to see how everything goes. Scott says that they will be together no matter what, but I think this season he'll mature, grow up and realize that might not be true."

While much of last season's drama came from Allison's family -- the Argents -- and their duty as hunters to find and kill Scott's pack, the mortals will be less involved in this season's action, Roden says.

"There's not a lot of hunting going on this season," says Roden. "The hunting is done just within the supernatural world. It's not so much the mortals taking over. We try, but…"

For more from Posey and Roden, watch the videos above and below this post. Teen Wolf returns Monday, June 3, at 10 p.m.

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