'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Opening Credits Feature New Tattoos and Terror (Video)

As MTV gears up for the season three return of its hit drama Teen Wolf, The Hollywood Reporter has obtained a first look at the show's new and improved opening credits.

It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair, teasing resurrection, transformation, fresh ink and new terror. Watch above.

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The sequence blends old and new footage (Scott floats! Allison aims! Lydia screams!), all set to the heart-pumping score that fans have come to know and love. We're teased with hands grasping (could more characters be coming back from the dead?) and Tyler Posey's new tattoo, which he showed off in a season two postmortem chat with THR last year.

At the time, Posey said that showrunner Jeff Davis "might" write his arm bands into the script. Not only did Davis write them in, he gave them a pretty crucial storyline to boot.

And while the ink may hold one meaning for Posey, leave it to Davis to come up with a totally relevant werewolf meaning, too.

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"I just found out what it means [in the show]," Posey recently told THR. "Throughout the whole season, Scott gives hints of what it means, but it’s not really the actual meaning of it until the 12th episode, which we just filmed."

Adding with a smile, "I feel like I created part of the show."

What do you think of the new credits? For more on what to expect from the show's return, click here.

The Teen Wolf season three premiere airs Monday, June 3, at 10 p.m.

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