'Teen Wolf' Star on Scott and Kira's "Struggles," Post-Graduation Future

Teen Wolf Arden Cho Still - H 2015

This season of Teen Wolf has seen plenty of dark days for the pack as a result of the Dread Doctors, and there may not be much hope ahead.

In last week's episode of the MTV drama, Kira (Arden Cho) nearly killed her mother (Tamlyn Tomita), followed by a hallucination in which she attacked boyfriend Scott (Tyler Posey) and called herself the "messenger of death." Later, Scott's mom (Melissa Ponzio) found a dead girl in their kitchen with Kira's sword sticking through the torso. Also in the episode, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles) were at the mercy of the Dread Doctors, while Theo (Cody Christian) rescued Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) from the Jeep after an explosion.

With Kira's character continuing to grapple with her abilities, Cho tells The Hollywood Reporter that viewers can anticipate "lots of struggles and tests for everybody" in the season's three remaining episodes.

Following Kira's dangerous sword fight with her mom, Kira's identity as a kitsune will continue to be a focal point for the remainder of season five. "[Kira,] along with the audience, is going to be very confused, wondering what this all means," Cho reveals about the storyline. "There is definitely something evolving with her powers."

Although there won't be any particularly romantic scenes between Kira and Scott anytime soon, Cho appreciates the direction in which her character has been heading this season.

"She's a lot more confident in who she is, not only as a person but in her relationship with Scott and the pack," Cho says. "Everyone in the whole group is like a family. I feel a lot more involved."

Meanwhile, with graduation from Beacon Hills High on the horizon for the characters, Cho is unsure what the best post-commencement path would be for Kira.

"I don't know if I see Kira as a college girl — I think if Scott goes to college, she'll want to go to college with him," the actress says. "I think she'll want to keep the pack together. I think she's going to want to keep growing as a kitsune and figuring out her powers."

Cho points out that she wouldn't mind seeing the characters in a setting other than Beacon Hills, given that the town "is kind of crazy," and she adds that it would be fun for her character to fully embrace her strength. 

"Can we just become superheroes and just go save the world and be teens by day and superheroes by night?" Cho suggests. "I think that would be sort of amazing."

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. 

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