'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey on Scott's "Mental Breakdowns," Future After High School

Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey Still - H 2015

Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey Still - H 2015

Scott (Tyler Posey) faces major changes in his life in Teen Wolf's fifth season, and he isn't going to be handling all of them well. 

In last week's second part of the MTV drama's season premiere, Scott and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) got reacquainted with their old pal Theo (Cody Christian), including Scott healing Stiles' hand after a failed effort to learn more about Theo's past. Meanwhile, Kira (Arden Cho) was surprised to learn that her boyfriend was considering attending UC Davis after his impending graduation from Beacon Hills. 

In a sit-down with The Hollywood Reporter, Posey says that upcoming episodes will focus on Scott's struggle with the fact that the pack is separating and his feeling that he is to blame and unable to restore order. 

"He doesn't know why it's his fault — he doesn't know why this is happening, and he can't fix it," Posey says. "He's [dealing] with an inner struggle, on top of trying to keep his friends together and save the world and keep people alive, so he's got a lot of mental breakdowns this season, which is really fun to play with, since he hasn't been in that vulnerable state since season one."

"Scott's usually pretty confident, knows what path he's going in, what rules to follow to go from A to B, and now he doesn't know where to go," Posey continues.

Posey teases that the show has some "really gross shit coming up," particularly with Lydia's (Holland Roden) storyline. "This whole season is pretty dark and gory," he says. "We've had some pretty dark situations on the show before, but this season's dark because of how gross it is. It's pretty gnarly."

According to Posey, the show's dynamic "isn't too different" without Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), although Posey says he was "bummed" that Hoechlin decided to step away from the show after season four: "He's one of my really good buddies, so I see him all the time, and I've known that this was kind of on his mind for a bit."

With high school graduation on the horizon, Posey says he hopes to see Scott "relax a little bit" after leaving the halls of Beacon Hills. "I think he cares too much about trying to save people," Posey admits.

And what will Scott be up to after graduating? "I do have a really cool idea for the future for Scott, which is in a couple of years, which I pitched to [showrunner] Jeff [Davis]," Posey says, who plans to sit in on the writers' room for the second half of season five. "I have no idea if it's even going to happen — it's Scott years later, and he's owned his power, he's owned his status in the world, and he's just become this stoic badass, almost like a Jason Bourne kind of thing."

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