'Terra Nova' Premiere Draws Mixed Reactions From Viewers

"Best network new show of the fall season," opines one, while another laments the "super bad script & acting."
Brook Rushton/Fox

After months of hype and a delayed premiere, viewers finally got their first look at Fox's new drama Terra Nova on Monday night.

The series follows the Shannon family (Jason O'Mara, Shelley Conn, Landon Liboiron, Naomi Scott and Alana Mansour) and other settlers who, threatened with extinction in the year 2149, travel back 85 million years in time to join a prehistoric Earth colony.

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After Terra Nova was teased to the media at January’s Television Critics Association tour and then again in a Super Bowl commercial, Fox abruptly announced that its two-hour premiere after American Idol would be pushed back to the fall. The move was a result of executive departures and a shortage of material.

As a result, the show, which counts Steven Spielberg and former News Corp. president and COO Peter Chernin among its many executive producers, was quite possibly the most anticipated -- and scrutinized -- new show of the fall season.

After watching the pilot, viewers hit Twitter to share their reactions, which were mixed.

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Among those praising the series:

Nick James
Loved Terra Nova! Will be back next week for sure. If they can keep the pace up, this is gonna be a great series.

I ended up kinda liking Terra Nova. I don't know that it's gonna last but I've been in the mood for a show like this lately.

Urban Avenger RLSH
Terra Nova seems like a decent show. I just hope it doesn't go the way of Dark Angel. Overbudget and underviewed, cancelled before its time.

Ryan Swagg
terra nova was actually pretty good for a series premiere. It's worth watching

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terra nova was tight! anyone else saw it

Mae Duran
Just finishd watching terra nova <3. Dinos make me happy :D

Tom Ruff
Terra Nova is a big win... best network new show of the fall season by far!

i watched terra nova. it was really good. c:

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Among those less than impressed:

Vinh Luc
Terra Nova was ok. I hope the producers change the annoying teenager though. Give him an eyepatch, have him develop agoraphobia, anything.

Kurt Schlichter
Terra Nova: "Look, a terrifying dinosaur! Quick, let's talk about our feelings!" #caring #awful

Don't Call Me Gaga
Terra Nova is making me root for the meteor.

Man, this director's cut of Avatar is terrible--oh wait, that's just Terra Nova.

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The pilot for Terra Nova might be the single most predictable thing I have ever watched. #exceptforthedinosaurs

Matteo Cantiello
Just wasted 2 hours of my time watching "Terra Nova". If you want some fun, get the dog, not the show. #Terranova

Jason Mogus
Tried to watch Terra Nova. Reminder why tv is so terrible! Cool premise but super bad script & acting. And a comm'l every 8 mins! Crazy.

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Ricky Mar
Terra Nova felt to me like War of the Worlds with dinosaurs. The father/son angst was annoying! I don't think I'll continue watching.


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