Test Your 'Sports Jeopardy!' Knowledge With First Clip (Exclusive)

Dan Patrick starts stumping sports fanatics Sept. 24

It's game on, sports fans. Here is your first look at Sports Jeopardy!, which premieres on Crackle Wednesday. 

If the weekly series looks familiar to Jeopardy! fans, there's a reason. It was shot on the Jeopardy! set, used the show's writers, and even saw host Dan Patrick take over Alex Trebek's dressing room. 

Trebek also gave Patrick some advice on hosting.

"He said 'have fun.' That's the one mistake he made early that he's almost trying to make up for," Patrick tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Patrick says he has a newfound respect for just how hard Trebek's job is — saying it's akin to "landing planes at LAX."

"It was sensory overload for the first ten shows I did," Patrick said.

Crackle will debut a new episode every Wednesday. Watch an exclusive clip below.