'The Bachelor': Kacie B., Blakeley Reflect on the 'Women Tell All' Special (Video)

At The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special, the claws came out as some of the ousted women attacked each other and Ben about his decisions. Most surprising for the women was the appearance of Courtney, the controversial contestant who is one of the final two women vying for Ben's heart.

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.]

The Hollywood Reporter attended the taping for "The Women Tell All," and spoke to some of the women backstage right after the taping ended.

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Kacie B., who was the fourth women remaining on the show before Ben kicked her off, was her usual composed, sweet self during the electric “Women Tell All” special. She told THR that she found some closure by watching the show.

“I think watching him interact with other women makes it easier for me to see how he could have fallen for him,” she said.

However, when asked if “nice girls finish last” this season, she agreed that the fact that she and Nikki both were sent home seems to confirm that. As does the fact that Courtney has made it to the finale.

“It’s hard being someone who’s completely genuine, and seeing things like that happen,” she said.

Kacie B. told THR that one thing she has taken away from this was a new standard for her future man.

“Coming into this Ben’s not probably somebody I would have probably dated in real life, and there are qualities in him that I’ve seen that I do want in somebody, and so moving forward I will actually add those to the list of things I want,” she said.

Kacie B. also talked about her decision to go to Switzerland after she left the show to warn Ben about Courtney’s bad intentions. And of course, she said that her hometown date did not go as poorly as it looked on television.

VIDEO: 'The Bachelor': What to Expect at 'The Women Tell All'

Blakeley is the VIP cocktail waitress who was disliked by many other women on the show very early on. She was again attacked by some during the “Women Tell All” special. One contestant, Samantha, accused her of “bullying the other girls.”

“I was a little shocked at some of the things that they did so aggressively towards me. I don’t know what I ever did to them to make them feel that way,” Blakeley told THR about her experience during the “Women Tell All.”

Blakeley added that she’s still good friends with Casey S., Nikki, Monica and Kacie B.  She told THR that her main goal coming onto the “Women Tell All” was to stand up for herself.

“I think to just really be myself and let it be known that I really didn’t appreciate everyone saying the things that they did behind my back,” she said.

Watch Blakeley talk about the explosive reunion below: