Emmys 2012: 'The Killing' Showrunner 'Surprised,' 'Sad' About Season 1 Finale Backlash

Veena Sud
Brigitte Sire

“I want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail,” says Sud of her nonwork ambitions.

The Killing has had a roller-coaster ride in the two seasons it has been on television. With the end of season two fast approaching (and the promise that this time, the Rosie Larsen murder will be solved), creator Veena Sud recalled the immediate uproar that followed the season one finale as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s drama showrunners Emmy roundtable.

“I heard about [the uproar] through the network and through [Fox TV Studios],” says Sud, who does not engage in the social media world.

For her, the backlash was unexpected.

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“I was surprised initially and sad because we had planned from the very beginning to make this a two-season murder mystery,” Sud says.

“But, I mean, in a way it was a blessing not to be tweeting and e-mailing and all of that because I didn’t actually have to read and hear the negativity in my face,” she added.

Sud also discussed the secrecy surrounding the finale, which they had just wrapped prior to the roundtable. (The season two finale airs June 17.)

“We just shot the finale, so there was a lot of secrecy around that, and basically for two years we’ve had a room full of people who know the answer,” she says. “So thank God they’re incredibly trustworthy.”

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Sud was vague but shared details of her conversation with the actor whose character ended up being Rosie Larsen’s killer, saying their chat was “really, really intense.”

“And very surprising,” Sud tells THR, “and the character did not expect it. Absolutely, they were shocked.”

When asked whether the actor was shocked in a good way, she seemed to believe that to be the case: “I think so, I think so, yeah.”

The 45-year-old showrunner shared that she and the writers knew from Day 1 that that specific character would always end up being the killer.

“We did, yes,” Sud says.

The Killing airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on AMC.