'The Killing' Premiere: Detective Linden is Back on the Case, but Are You?

AMC's police procedural returns for its second season and the search for Rosie's killer seems to lead to an even bigger problem at hand.

Rosie Larsen’s killer is still out there, but a new mystery is starting to build on Sunday's Season 2 premiere of AMC’s The Killing.

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When the two-hour premiere opens, Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) is hit with a one-two punch. First, she finds out that the photo used to lock up Councilman Richmond (Billy Campbell) was a fake and her partner, Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman), may be purposely throwing her off the trail of the real killer. She then gets news that the possibly innocent Richmond has been shot.

So, first things first. The obsessed Linden once again drops her plans to join her fiancé in California and sets off to reconfirm the photo is fabricated and then verify Richmond’s alibi. During the course of the episode, she’ll do both those things and successfully get Rosie’s case reopened. But in the process, she’ll discover that there’s some kind of bigger conspiracy going on.

That is something the more inexperienced Holder already knows. But, what he seems to only realize now is that he is in way over his head. Police, government officials and possibly the mafia could have stakes in this cover-up. The bright side is there are glimpses of the possibility that he will do the right thing in the end. The question is whether Linden will ever trust him again.

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Meanwhile, the other characters aren’t doing much better. Richmond has survived the shooting, but he’s paralyzed. It remains to be seen what impact all of this has on his campaign. And Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) is greeted by a surprise gift on his doorstep – Rosie’s bloody backpack. Having lost his trust in the cops and without the moral compass of his wife, Mitch (Michelle Forbes), he has turned back to his mobster connections to deliver justice to Rosie’s killer – whomever that is.

Sure, The Killing is back at square one when it comes to the investigation of Rosie’s killer, but the new conspiracy plot could be very rewarding as it unravels. Plus, this series has always leaned heavily on its superb acting and its characters' complicated relationships. That is clearly continuing this season.

Are you back onboard with The Killing? Or is Season 2’s promise too little, too late? Sound off in the comments section below.

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