'The Lying Game' Star Alexandra Chando Previews 'Mindblowing' Season Finale (Q&A)

The actress tells THR the season 1 closer will close the books on Derek's murder, Alec and Rebecca's true motives for marrying will be dissected and a shocking cliffhanger paves the way for new mysteries.
Felicia Graham/ABC Family
"The Lying Game"

The Lying Game wraps its twisty first season with an hour that's "fantastic," "mindblowing" and shocking -- at least according to series star Alexandra Chando.

The ABC Family teen drama began with twins (Sutton Mercer and Emma Becker, both played by Chando) from opposite sides of life switching places in an effort to find their biological mother, but as they quickly realize, things get complicated fast.

With the reveal that Ted (Andy Buckley) and Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) may have had much more history than previously known and the mysterious developments that led to Rebecca and Alec's (Adrian Pasdar) decision to marry after their whirlwind romance (not to mention the task of finding out Derek's murderer), Chando notes that things will come to a head. "There is going to be drama at the wedding and you'll have to wait and see for that one," she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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Chando spoke to THR about the reveal that jeopardizes the Mercer family, the implications of Alec and Rebecca's sudden nuptials and new mysteries on the horizon. (See an exclusive clip from the season finale here.)

The Hollywood Reporter: The reveal that Rebecca's true love is Ted certainly complicates things -- for the Mercer household, especially ..

Alexandra Chando: The information is used more by Kristin, who discovers it, and Rebecca brings everything that’s been going on with Ted and Kristin to a head and allows for that drama to unfold finally because it’s been building up the last couple of episodes. With the locket [that had Ted's photo], it’s proof for Kristin.

THR: The sudden decision for Alec and Rebecca to get married was surprising. How does this development affect Alec?

Chando: I don’t think it affects Alec, I think he knows, I think that the two of them -- it’s a red flag that the two of them are getting married so quickly in the first place so I think definitely there’s been signs of the two playing each other. We don’t know what's up their sleeve but I think there's definitely something going on other than that they just fell madly in love with each other in three days. There's another plot going on behind the scenes.

THR: A lot of theories have been floating around, one being that Rebecca really is Emma and Sutton’s mom. Is that something that will be addressed in the finale?

Chando: Not directly. It has definitely been on people's minds, it’s been on fan's minds. It's kind of all signs point to it. There are answers that come about, but not necessarily direct answers as to what’s going on with them.

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THR: It seems Ethan and Emma are over for real now. What is Emma's state of mind?

Chando: She's heartbroken. She's having a really hard time. Ethan is trying to get her back and she's resistant. She's just not ready for that. She's come to Kristin's aid with the whole Rebecca thing and she helps her out. She's a little preoccupied with the Derek murder. She has a sister [Sutton] who cheated with her boyfriend and that's hard. It just sucks. She's in a tough spot right now.

THR: By the end of the finale, where do Ethan and Emma stand? Is it one step forward, one step back or are they in the same place?

Chando: I don't think it's a step back. I mean, nothing is really resolved because right now [because] her concern is [on Kristin].

THR: So Thayer won't factor in at all?

Thayer does factor in because Emma and Thayer have gotten close. They are really good friends and Emma stands by him.

THR: We know that a wedding is on the horizon. Will there be unexpected shenanigans that take place?

Chando: Absolutely. There is going to be drama at the wedding and you'll have to wait and see for that one.

THR: Can you give us a hint or a tease for what to expect there?

Chando: The murderer of Derek is revealed so that is definitely something the fans have been waiting for. I think that's one of the biggest things. The cliffhanger of the finale is fantastic. It's mindblowing. The fans are definitely going to be shocked.

THR: At the end of the day, do you think it's possible for Sutton and Emma to have happy endings and get back to the place where they're amicable?

Chando: Honestly, I really don't know. I don't necessarily know if I want them to either. I think it's more interesting that they're not. I think they'll always be connected in some way, but everything that has gone down between them they're really at odds with each other. Their dynamic is really messed up right now which makes it interesting. There's a story to tell.

THR: Looking back on the first season, do you have a favorite episode or a favorite scene that really sticks out?

I loved the scene in last week's episode at the trailer where [Emma and Ethan are] yelling at each other. That was a fun scene to film. I love my scenes with Allie Gonino. I love the sisterly dynamic even though Laurel isn't exactly privy to the information.

THR: Now that Mads and Thayer are in on Emma and Sutton's secret, will more people get pulled in before season's end?

Chando: For now the twins' secret is still kept under wraps.

The Lying Game ends its first season on Monday at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.