'The Secret Circle': Britt Robertson Teases Cassie's Quest, Rekindled Romance and Jake's Big Return

"The Secret Circle" (The CW)
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Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertston.

If last week's episode of The Secret Circle gave a glimpse into how powerful Cassie could be with her dark magic, the coming weeks will showcase her internal struggle.

On Thursday's "Fire/Ice," Cassie again recruits trusty friend Adam (Thomas Dekker) to help look into her father's past (and prompts him to ask her out to the school dance, aww), but what they don't know is that fellow witch Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) is desperate to harness her power without the rest of the circle. So much so that she enlisted the help of voodoo "expert" Lee (Grey Damon).

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"Faye's always after one thing and that's have her own magic and be able to use it at her own free will without the pressures of the rest of the circle. That's exactly what you see Thursday," star Britt Robertson, who plays Cassie, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Robertson chatted with THR about whether Cassie would ever turn to the dark side for good, what Faye's desperation means for the fate of the circle and a rekindled flame that will undoubtedly cause trouble in Chance Harbor.

The Hollywood Reporter: The last episode introduced hints of Cassie's power and dark magic. How far does she take it?

Britt Robertson: You definitely get a taste of it here and there. You got a look into what's going on with Cassie in the last episode and in "Fire/Ice" this week, you'll see she's learning how to control that power that she has inside her and what she wants to do with it, if she wants to embrace it. You'll get to see her battle with it and how it slowly but surely is going to take her over -- or not. The writers are playing with the idea that the dark magic is in her, it's whether or not she chooses to use that power.

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THR: Would you entertain the idea of having an episode where Cassie isn't good?

Robertson: I think it's a fine line to really go full force and have an entire episode be dedicated to her being dark because that would mean a lot of things. I don't know that it will go to that extent at this point in time. It's still possible. We're only on episode 14 right now so you never know what's coming up.

THR: Can Cassie ever truly be 100 percent evil?

Robertson: The idea of who she is, is a representation of people in general. They have their dark side and they have their good side, it's what road you decide to take.

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THR: How will Faye's need for power affect Cassie and the group?

Robertson: Faye's always after one thing and that's have her own magic and be able to use it at her own free will without the pressures of the rest of the circle. That's exactly what you see Thursday. You see her really try to take control and be the leader and there are definitely a battle or two between Cassie and Faye.

THR: How does Lee come into play with the circle?

Robertson: The relationship between Lee and Faye is complicated and it will cause an uproar with the circle in future episodes. In this episode, you'll see the two of them be in partner-in-crime situations.

THR: It's been hinted at, but in "Fire/Ice" Adam and Cassie's initial attraction is more palpable. Can you talk about where they may be headed?

Robertson: Now that Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Adam have broken up, it's appropriate for Cassie to pursue that relationship that they've been dealing with and trying to suppress. They had such a connection from the start, in future episodes you'll see them slowly but surely reconnecting and trying to see what really is in store for the two of them. I think they're trying to figure out who each other is aside from the whole witchy world that they live in. You'll see their relationship develop.

THR: What's in store for Jake (Chris Zylka) when he returns?

Robertson: Episode 12 is a big Jake-Cassie episode. They dig up the past a little bit and they find a bunch of things out together. In this week's episode, you don't really see a whole lot of Jake. If you look really hard, you might be able to see his foot. [Laughs] He's a part of the episode in a very big way, but in an unexpected sense.

THR: Is there a scene or episode that sticks out in your mind?

Robertson: I'm excited for episode 12. It's unlike any of the rest of the episodes. As far as story, you learn so much about these characters and about Cassie, in particular, and her family. It's a real journey of self-discovery.

THR: Will there be flashbacks?

Robertson: I hope so. I think it's a definite possibility. We have our own version of flashbacks here on The Secret Circle, so you'll have to stay tuned for that.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.