'The Secret Circle': Jessica Parker Kennedy on 'Disturbing' Deaths, Melissa's Journey and Possible Romance (Q&A)

The Secret Circle Jessica Parker Kennedy - H 2012
The CW

The Secret Circle Jessica Parker Kennedy - H 2012

The mystery of Blackwell continues full-force on The Secret Circle, but that isn't the only thing taking shape on the CW's witch drama.

As actress Jessica Parker Kennedy tells it, her small-screen alter ego, Melissa, is taking charge against magic-hungry Faye and rekindling a friendship with Diana. "She's finding strength in her relationship with Faye, finding her own feet," Kennedy tells The Hollywood Reporter.

But it took awhile. It was, of course, Melissa's boyfriend, Nick, who (not so) mysteriously drowned in Chance Harbor by the hand of the elders in one of the series' earlier episodes. "It's taking her a long time to recover from that," Kennedy acknowledges.

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Kennedy chatted with THR about Melissa's journey, potential romance and the lingering effect of Nick's death.

The Hollywood Reporter: In the past few episodes, it seems like Melissa is slowly trying to move on with her life. What is in store for her?

Jessica Parker Kennedy: Losing a boyfriend is something I can't personally fathom and so it's taking her a long time to recover from that. At the same time, she's finding strength in her relationship with Faye, finding her own feet and keeping her distance. And saying, you know Faye, I'm not interested in following you around anymore; I know who I am now. She's starting to put out her own feelers and figure out who she is and how she wants to behave in life. At the same time, she's still struggling with the fact that she lost someone she loves very much and it's going to take her a little while before she finds her footing again.

THR: Can you talk about Melissa becoming more of her own person? What does that mean?

Kennedy: Her troubles aren't over, let's say. She's reaching out in different ways looking for comfort from different people. She's searching to be comforted. Her journey and the way she's looking for that is going to be a bumpy one.

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THR: Will new characters come into play?

Kennedy: New people who will enter her life and new experiences she's going to go through that may or may not be the best for her. But at the same time, maybe she has to go through it to come out clear on the other side.

THR: What does Lee's continued presence mean for Melissa and the rest of the circle?

Kennedy: Lee is a pretty dark character. In "Fire/Ice," you really see that side of him. He's not to be trusted, is what it looks like right now, and Faye is intrigued by the bad boy. She doesn't trust him because he hasn't been honest with her. At the same time, she has an innate attraction to him that she can't really stop.

THR: Will Melissa have a shot at romance in the future?

Kennedy: I don't know. I don't think I can talk about it. It's definitely a possibility.

THR: Does Nick's death still have a lingering effect?

Kennedy: People keep telling me that [his death scene was difficult to watch] and I agree. I'm happy to hear that because I know the creator worked hard to make that a really painful episode. The cast and I got together and watched it that Thursday night and we were all quite weepy over it. It was quite disturbing for some people, which is a good thing because it was how it was supposed to feel.

THR: What should viewers expect in coming weeks?

Kennedy: You're going to see Faye figure out what she wants and who she is in the circle and what her relationship to Jake is. There is more of the love triangle with Jake, Adam and Cassie. And a lot of Cassie [continuing] to figure out who her father is, his darkness and her darkness.

The Secret Circle, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW, returns Feb. 2.