'The Secret Circle': Chris Zylka Previews John Blackwell's Return and Protecting the Circle

The Secret Circle Chris Zylka - P 2012
The CW

The Secret Circle Chris Zylka - P 2012

On Thursday's episode of The Secret Circle, the impending arrival of John Blackwell won't be the only development causing ripples in Chance Harbor.

As actor Chris Zylka teases, Blackwell's return wasn't enough of a twist. "Not only is the return of [Cassie's father] not surprising enough, they added an element of 'Oh shoot, the witch hunters are back!,' " he told The Hollywood Reporter. "That will be a nice surprise."

The episode also sees Zylka's Jake sacrificing himself in an attempt to save Cassie, who is captured by the witch hunters after some unforeseen events unfold. ("The promo for 'Return' is pretty scary," Zylka admitted.)

Here are four things to look out for in future episodes:

Trust Issues: "My character is trying to win everyone's trust back. That's not going to be an easy thing to go back. 'I tried to kill all of you, so forgive me,' " Zylka offers. Aside from trying to right previous wrongs with the circle, Jake will have his hands full with the leader of the witch hunters. "Jake's pushing Isaac away as far as possible but Isaac leads him back him. His mind is racing on who he trusts and who he believes."

Jake, the Protector (But Not for Long): "He's trying to keep everyone safe by keeping his mouth shut," Zylka says. But he was quick to point out that at a certain point, "he's going to become exhausted and flip his lid."

Revisiting Faye and Jake: If "Valentine" was any indication, past history between Faye and Jake won't be dying down any time soon. "I think people are warming up to Faye and Jake a bit more," he says, before reassuring viewers that the Jake-Cassie dynamic isn't going away. "Everyone loves Cassie and Jake together, but Cassie's with Adam and that's going to be there. There's an element there with her and Jake that won't go away."

The Circle Shocks Jake: When prompted to reveal whether the love triangle between Adam, Jake and Cassie move forward in any pivotal way, he remained mum only teasing: "Well, yes and no." But Zylka did say that Jake, who is rarely shocked by any development of any magnitude, will be taken aback by a specific action the circle members do. "Jake is surprised by something the circle does and it affects him," he teased.

The Secret Circle airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.