'The Voice's' Tony Lucca Plans to Address Christina Aguilera's Criticism

The singer tells THR he has something fun planned for his former "Mickey Mouse Club" cast mate on the NBC competition.

Tony Lucca returns to competition on Monday’s The Voice for the first time since coach Christina Aguilera called him out for being “one-dimensional” and possibly using his celebrity contacts – specifically their fellow former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake – to create a popularity contest out of the NBC competition.

In response to the comments, Lucca says he only really has one option: Taking the high road. “You know, as far as my side of it, there’s really only one choice,” the singer tells The Hollywood Reporter.

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“If I play into it, even just some of the things that I did say, trying to take the high road, were misconstrued by her fans,” he explains. “And wow, that’s an unruly bunch there. You know, they’re very opinionated. My God, I can only imagine what would happen if I tried to engage in some kind of way, so that’s not going to happen. It doesn’t benefit me in any way.”

Lucca says he’s learned a few things since his “young and dumb” days during The Mickey Mouse Club. Now, he can see that Aguilera has the right (and possibly the duty) to point out what she did about his famous supporters and their effect on the competition.

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“As a pillar of the institution that is The Voice, she’s a chairman of the board so to speak,” Lucca says. “She has a responsibility to voice concerns about things. I may be the first one to come along on the show with a sizeable outside influence, but I won’t be the last. They’re going to see it again. They’ve got Jermaine Paul, there’s Chris Mann, there’s people that have had some legitimate impact outside of the show, I think it’s definitely a worthwhile thing for someone to bring up and that she chose to do it.”

That doesn’t mean he’s going to completely sweep the comments under the rug as if Aguilera never said them. He and his coach, Adam Levine, have something planned that he hopes the pop star and her fans appreciate when they see it on Monday’s show.

“As far as what’s gone on this past week, we’re going to have a lot of fun with it,” he says when pressed for clues on what they’re planning. “I was glad to see Christina be so playful with Blake [Shelton] the other night. That’s good to see, that gives me confidence in where this whole thing is going.”