'The Voice's' Blake Shelton on His Quarterfinal Elimination: My Wife Will Be Disappointed

SPOILER ALERT: The country singer discusses what drove his cut on Tuesday's episode of the NBC competition and how his wife, Miranda Lambert, probably feels about it.
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Blake Shelton was banking on his bottom two team members doing really well during their last chance songs on Tuesday’s The Voice, because he knew what he’d do if that happened. But, life and reality TV can be unpredictable.

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“I actually came in to the battle thinking that if they both do really good, I’d probably go with RaeLynn just because she was a country artist,” Shelton tells reporters after the show. “I feel like I can affect change there. I just don’t think she did a very good performance tonight and that wouldn’t be fair to Erin. I couldn’t feel good about doing my job if I would have made my decision just because RaeLynn is a country artist.”

Shelton says he’s still not sure he made the right decision. He had bonded with Erin Willett over losing their fathers around the same time. But, RaeLynn was his last country singer. Furthermore, there’s his country star wife Miranda Lambert’s bond with RaeLynn to consider.

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“She’s probably a little bit [disappointed],” he says. “But, I have to do what I think is right as a coach and based off what I saw that was my kneejerk reaction. RaeLynn will be fine. Oh my God, my wife is in love with her. She’ll probably make a record on her and everything else.”

When The Hollywood Reporter spoke with RaeLynn after the show, she hadn’t yet talked to her coach. But, Lambert had already called her.

“It’s awesome to have Miranda backing me. She’s a great person,” the ousted performer tells THR. “She finished third [on Nashville Star] and she said, ‘I’m bigger than the person that won.’ And not saying that in a rude way, but she goes, ‘You don’t have to finish first to win ultimately. You just do your best and that’s what’s going to help you win.’ I take that to heart and I finished third on Blake’s team and that means a lot to me.” 

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