'The Voice': Adam Levine Gets His Groove On, Plus 9 More Memorable Moments (Video)

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With one season for reference, the contestants on The Voice are showing that they’ve learned some big lessons on how to handle the show’s coaches. They’re grilling them and making choices that cross genres much more than last year. And more power to them. The blind auditions may be their most powerful moment of the season.

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Monday’s auditions gave us a mix of very strong singers, a couple who suffered from nerves, and a few artists who made some bold song choices.

Here are my 10 most memorable moments Monday’s blind auditions.

1. The coaches open with a Prince Medley. Do I even need to explain why a Prince medley by itself is just hot? No, I don’t think so. But, what made the performance sizzle even more? The wardrobe choices, silly. I mean Cee Lo Green’s sequined pajamas? Christina Aguilera’s spiked hat that made her look like a vocal-saurus? And Adam Levine in a simple gray tank, tatts blazin’? Blake Shelton should really have a bit more fun with his wardrobe.

2. The Line’s Leland throws an eye-roll at partner Haley. There she was trying to sell their relationship as supremely close without being romantic. But, when he’s talking she interrupts to say that they finish each other’s sentences. That’s what Haley thinks. The reality is Leland can’t get a word in edgewise around her.

3. “They were fooled by flash and boobs.” -- Blake’s explanation for The Line picking Christina over him.

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4. Jamar Rogers gets his idol. If you only get one coach to turn their chair, let it be the one you idolize. The once homeless, former crystal meth addict living with HIV sang a spirited version of “Seven Nation Army.” The rest of the coaches just knew he and Cee Lo were kindred spirits and decided to let them have each other. It’s nice when a plan comes together.

5. In Gwen Sebastian’s case, no sob story would’ve been a better choice. At 37, North Dakota’s Gwen kept stressing how she chose music over family. Boohoo. We’ve already seen plenty of contestants stand on that stage who are raising kids, some as single parents, and they’re still going for that dream. Gwen’s sob story was somewhat hollow in my opinion. You betcha.

6. Kim Yarbrough, thank you for making Adam shake his groove thing. There was probably no hotter moment than the one in which 50-year-old Kim got the Maroon 5 singer to swing his chair around. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen his eyes shine as brightly as when they settled on the diva. But when the groove hit his hips, I have never been happier to have a rewind button. Choosing Adam over  Christina would have been unexpected in any other situation, but who can say no to Adam after that showing of enthusiasm?

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7. “You’re beautiful, so congratulations for that.” – Adam on Florida’s Pamela Rose whose voice didn’t turn any coaches’ chairs, but whose looks certainly made them regret it.

8. Dez Duron falls victim to the blind auditions. He’s handsome and he’s got a good voice. But, singing the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” was a huge mistake. The song wouldn’t speak to Blake or Cee Lo’s musical sensibilities, Christina doesn’t want to be the coach who just produces pop stars, and it just wasn’t edgy enough for Adam. It was a lose-lose for all – especially a very regretful Christina – once the coaches saw what they had passed up.

9. Jermaine Paul makes unexpected choices. This young man is no joke. He gave up a gig singing backup (and sometimes opening) for Alicia Keyes to establish a solo career. After Cee Lo and Blake threw their hats into the ring, he cross-examined them before making his choice. And then he baffles some viewers when he passes over Cee Lo to join Blake’s team. I can see why he made that decision. He may feel he has learned enough from the world of neo-soul and Blake offers a very different perspective. It may just be the thing to get him to that next level, which has escaped him all these years with Alicia.

10. One of these singers is not like the others. Lindsay Pavao, Hoja Lopez, and Angel Taylor were the last women to audition on Monday’s episode. Each had very different styles. But, Lindsay’s Fiona Apple-esque sound made the judges strain to listen to her. The same goes for L.A.’s Angel who along with her mother and sisters escaped an abusive father and the life experience seems to resonate in her singing. Hoja, as adorkable as she came off, didn’t present the same kind of maturity beyond her years. And when the nervousness hit, she couldn’t push it away.

Which moments from Part 2 of the blind auditions stuck with you? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch Adam groove to Kim's "Tell Me Something Good" again below.

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