'The Voice': Charlotte Sometimes Impresses Four Very Picky Coaches (Video)

Charlotte Sometimes Cee Lo Green The Voice 2012

Times are getting tough for the performers on NBC’s The Voice. On Monday’s fourth round of blind auditions, the coaches are hyper-aware of the few remaining spots on their team and it’s forcing some really great performers out of the competition.

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Among the performers who broke my heart when he didn’t move forward was Erik Macek who sang one of my favorite songs from Tom Petty, “Free Fallin’.” I had never heard anyone sing it quite like that and I was sure that Blake Shelton or Adam Levine would snatch him up. But, that never happened.

I may think of Eric Tipton, the big hulk of a guy from Texas with the soulful musical influences, for a long time. He’s the kind of guy that one would think this competition was made for – as his appearance doesn’t instantly feel marketable. But, picking a song like the Hall & Oates hit, “You Make My Dreams Come True,” became his downfall. Both Adam and Cee Lo Green admitted they couldn’t get the original out of their head.

That said, this could be where the show finds its most unique contestants. “Different is what we want,” Adam said. And that’s what they got in some of the singers they did turn around for.

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New Jersey’s Charlotte Sometimes sticks out in my mind as an example of that. She had suffered from a disease as a child that threatened her chances of singing. She got through that tough period by humming while her jaw was wired shut. This is someone who loves music. To look at her, she’s not especially edgy in the way pop stars have to be nowadays (though she has one of the coolest names I’ve heard in a while). But, her voice on One Republic’s “Apologize” had such a great sound to it – one that sounded at times like last year’s finalist Xenia. So, it seemed fitting that with all four coaches begging for her to join their team that she picked Blake.

Another unique act, though only Adam turned his chair, was Nicolle Galyon. She’s a country singer who plays piano – something Nashville folks had informed her to trade in for a more genre-friendly guitar. It seems to me that Blake should have had more vision when he heard that mix, but he didn’t seem to quite get it -- his loss and Adam’s gain.

The show ended with one of my favorite stories. I love to hear about people who break from their family’s wishes and go after their dreams. Being a writer, I know what that’s like. Eighteen-year-old Mathai was on a course to medical school when she decided in her first year of college that she wanted to be a musician.

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Even going into the show, her mother talked of her desire for Mathai to finish school. She became a believer when Adam, Blake, and Cee Lo all turned their chairs at the singer’s rendition of Adele’s “Rumour Has It.” Seemingly won over by his very early support of her and heartfelt begging, Mathai went with Adam.

Who did you think were the most unique singers of Monday’s blind auditions? And who do you believe should have made it on to a team? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch Charlotte Sometimes’ performance again below.

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