'The Voice' Finals: 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

The Voice Group 5/7 - H 2012

The Voice Group 5/7 - H 2012

The top four took to NBC’s The Voice stage on Monday for one last chance to win America’s votes. They each sang three songs: a solo choice, a duet with their coach and a surprise performance of one of their coach’s songs.

And while they worked the cameras, The Hollywood Reporter was there live to bring back the behind-the-scenes details. Here are 10 things you didn’t see on TV.

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1. Some father-son bonding. Host Carson Daly was spotted hanging out with his son before the show. With his girlfriend almost six months pregnant with their second child, the three-year-old will soon be sharing dad with a new brother or sister. Cherish this time, young man.

2. Christina Aguilera depended on the kindness of a stranger. Usually someone from the crew is there to help the only female coach step on to the stage in her typically very high-heeled shoes. This time, she got a welcome hand from an audience member in the pit. Then, fellow coach Blake Shelton helped her down the step to her red chair.

3. Anything for a free shirt. Let’s face it, everyone loves a free gift. One of the warm-up guy’s favorite ways to pump up the crowd is to make them cheer for t-shirts. This particular night, you’d think they were spun from gold. One audience member leaped so high up he almost flipped over into the row behind him. You better believe that he kept a tight grip on that shirt the entire time.

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4. Air kisses know no gender. While the male coaches do a round of high fives and fist pumps, Aguilera throws air kisses as she's being introduced to the crowd. Then, the warm-up guy announces Daly who took a page out of Aguilera's book. He blew kisses at the coaching panel. Isn’t that sweet?

5. No more “I love you’s.” One thing that didn’t happen during season one and has now become quite a frequent and annoying aspect this season are the groups of fans who scream “I Love you, [insert coach’s name here]!” – usually while the object of their affection is trying to speak. Well, the warm-up guy finally told the audience that those had to stop. Sure, it’s the penultimate episode of the season, but better late than never.

6. Cee Lo Green makes a run for it. After performing “Born To Be Wild” with finalist Juliet Simms, Cee Lo was mobbed by wardrobe people trying to peel off his leather jacket. With mischief in his eyes, he startled them by running offstage.

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7. Time to burn. The show ended about a minute early. That may not sound like a long time, but when you’re on the spot like Daly was it can feel like forever. An old pro at live TV from his TRL days, he kept on stretching while the coaches and finalists hugged it out behind him.

8. Not a “B” word to speak of, though there could’ve been. Tony Lucca, whose performance of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” came under fire from Aguilera for being offensive to women, says there was a point in which they were going to keep the song’s “bitch” word in the performance. “It was in the cards,” Lucca tells THR after the show. “Then last minute, it wasn’t in the cards.” That was probably best for everyone involved.

9. Who needs rehearsal? Not Juliet. Simms had been sick the week before the performance and couldn’t sing. So, the performances you saw on TV were her very first times actually singing the songs. “I must have sang them a billion times in my head,” Juliet tells THR. “I literally would fall asleep at night with all the songs on repeat. I’m not kidding. I’d fall asleep to them, wake up to them, when I was in the shower, I never stopped listening to these songs. And, I’ve been on The Voice stage so many times now that I feel really comfortable. I feel like I could rehearse in front of these people and the coaches and that audience and I just went in there with that attitude.”

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10. Manly tears. As you saw on-screen, Jermaine Paul did a pretty good job of holding his tears back after performing “I Believe I Can Fly” and during his backstage interview with social media correspondent Christina Milian. But, once the cameras were off of him, he says he let the tears flow. “When my mother walked in, oh my gosh, I thought I was 17 again saying, “Mom, I’m not going to college. I’m not going to play basketball. I’m going to be a singer.’ And she was right there saying, ‘You did it.’ Aw, you can imagine the feelings,” he tells THR. 

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