'The Voice's' Jordis Unga and Brian Fuente Defend Their Battle Round: 'It's What We Rehearsed'

Jordis Unga Brian Fuente The Voice 2012
Lewis Jacobs / NBC

It was the low moment of an otherwise strong suite of performances for The Voice’s first battle rounds of Season 2.

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Blake Shelton pitted his rocker team members Jordis Unga and Brian Fuente against each other on Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” and the coaches universally panned them. Shelton would even say that the performances “sucked.” But in hindsight, both performers say they don’t know what the coaches were talking about.

“I was really pretty shocked by all the coaches,” Brian tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I didn’t really hear any pitch issues at all. The song was a difficult song to tackle, especially for me being a male. I’ve never heard any male artist attempt that song. It was definitely a challenge to me.”

The Tennessee native clearly struggled with the song’s high key during rehearsals, but Brian sounds as if he believes he was fine by the time the performance rolled around. “It was a challenging song, we overall did a great job,” he says.

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Jordis echoed those sentiments, saying she regretted one major thing. “When I was watching last night, I was so not disappointed. I wish I could go back and react differently just in respect for Brian,” she says.

“You know what? When I watched, it wasn’t as bad as their comments led me to relive it in my head,” the L.A. singer goes on to say. “It wasn’t bad at all. It was what we rehearsed. I'm just not allowed to feel that bad about our performance when I'm watching a friend go home. I felt very bad about that."

And while the two singers agree to disagree with the coaches’ opinions of their performance, they had two very different experiences with their coach after the show.

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“I did see Blake afterwards,” Brian says. “And he was like, ‘Man, I believe in you. Keep in touch.’ He’s just an awesome guy and we’ll be speaking for sure.”

“Blake looked at me,” Jordis recalls. “And said, ‘What Happened?’ ”

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