'The Voice' Names Its Final Four Performers

The Voice April 30 Contestants - H 2012
Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The Voice April 30 Contestants - H 2012

After America cast its votes and the coaches assigned their scores, NBC's The Voice named its four finalists on Tuesday's results show.

The show kicked off with a very sweet song from season one finalist, Dia Frampton on her single, "Don't Kick The Chair," with Kid Cudi providing an awkward rap. Vicci Martinez returned to sing her single, “Come Along,” with her former coach, Cee Lo Green. Also, the amazing Cyndi Lauper performed her classic hit, “Money Changes Everything,” with Beverly McClellan. Then, last season's champ Javier Colon sang his new single, “A Drop in the Ocean,” off his current album, Come Through for You. What do you think of your former finalists a year later?

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Christina Aguilera is the first to cut one of its singers from her team. It's between classically trained Chris Mann and alternative singer Lindsey Pavao. Christina basically leaves it to America's vote by giving both the singers 50 percent of her vote. Once America's votes are factored in, Chris moves on with a score of 104 to Lindsey's 96. His return to his classic roots seemed to have charmed the viewers.

Next up, Adam Levine tells his final two that no matter what happens, they need to take advantage of the exposure they've gotten from the show. And he ends up giving Katrina Parker 40 percent compared to a 60 percent for former Mouseketeer Tony Lucca. His explanation? He felt more of a bond with Tony while he believes that Katrina was the most improved. When America's votes are combined with Adam's scores, Tony wins with a 108 compared to the former office worker's 92.

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When Blake's team is up for elimination, the coach's 50-50 scores show he wanted to throw it to America, as well. He says he thinks that they've done everything they could and he doesn't want to choose anymore. So when America's votes are revealed, it's pretty much a landslide in favor of Jermaine Paul with a 123 versus Erin Willett's 77.

The last group up is Team Cee Lo and the coach says that he appreciated Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms inspiring him with their talent. His scores are pretty shocking with a 40 for Jamar and a 60 for Juliet. He says he wanted to be fair, but that he voted on last night's performances and found Juliet's song more touching. When America's votes were counted, it was pretty shocking. 121 in favor of Juliet to Jamar's 79. That's a pretty unexpected range.

What do you think of your finalists, America?

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