'The Voice's' Cee Lo Green on His Quarterfinal Cut, and Former Contestant Erin Martin's Harsh Criticism

"I think she was wrong," the coach told reporters about Martin's accusation that his song choice and staging were the cause of her elimination in an earlier week.

On The Voice results show on Tuesday, Cee Lo Green had to eliminate another one of his team members. After Jamar Rogers was saved by America, Cheesa and Juliet Simms sang one more time before Green decided to send Cheesa home.

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After the show, Green spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the weight on his shoulders when it comes to an elimination.

“My friends know I can be sensitive about these things,” he said. “It’s difficult for me, and I really don’t enjoy it.”

On Monday’s show, Green was forced to make an instant elimination, sending James Massone home. Green said he advised both Cheesa and Massone to avoid getting too comfortable back in reality.

“It’s gonna be a little shocking to the system to have to go back [to reality],” he said. “So I urged them: Don’t go back for long. Don’t even unpack your bag. Go home, get reacquainted with the reality of it, and accept the fact that you cannot stay. Not after another opportunity like this. Come back and fight.”

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Green also spoke about the heated comments that a former member of his team, Erin Martin, had made. After she was eliminated, Martin told reporters that she felt it was because she had lost her creative control on the show and that Green had not made the right decisions for her. She added that the staging and song choices like “Walk Like an Egyptian” were not right for her.

Green told reporters that he had spoken to Martin, and she had said she was “just venting.”

“I just think that she was wrong,” Green added, saying that he planned Martin’s performances based on her strengths. While the former model may not have had the best voice, Green said he felt that he “tried to play to her strengths.”

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“I think that she has a lot of personality and I tried to just work with the limitations of, maybe, her vocal abilities,” he said.

Green, who can often be seen wearing a sparkly shirt or funny wig while in the coaches’ chair, said that he makes his staging and even costume decisions not for the sake of his own ego, but to “secure this show.”

“If a percentage of people tune in weekly to see if Cee Lo Green is going to wear a wig or not, then so be it,” he said.

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