The Wanted Trashes 'The Voice's' Christina Aguilera (Video)

The Voice The Wanted Performance - H 2012

The Voice The Wanted Performance - H 2012

Does The Voice coach Christina Aguilera need an attitude adjustment? After UK boy band The Wanted appeared on the NBC competition recently, they didn’t have very good things to say about the pop star.

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“She was a bit scary to be honest,” band member Max George says during an interview with New York’s 92.3 FM.

“She was a total bitch!” Tom Parker then blurts out, adding, “She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch to us. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us.”

“She was quite rude,” Siva Kaneswaran then says, confirming his bandmates’ accounts.

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The guys may have been comparing Aguilera to the more welcoming reception they got from Jennifer Lopez when they appeared on Fox’s American Idol. Apparently, the Idol judge got the their thumbs up. “Yeah, well JLo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special,” Max explains.

This is just the latest incident of Aguilera rubbing other artists the wrong way. Recently, she called out fellow ex-Mouseketeer, Justin Timberlake, for possibly making the show a popularity contest instead of a talent competition with his support of Tony Lucca. She was also accused of giving Justin Bieber a death stare, but she has since said that isn't true.

Watch The Wanted trash Aguilera in the video below.