'The Voice's' Tony Lucca on Christina Aguilera's Comments: 'I'm Just Confused More Than Anything'

The Voice Tony Lucca April 30 Performance - H 2012
Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The Voice Tony Lucca April 30 Performance - H 2012

“If I have to bring it down to one defining moment, I’d say, ‘One dimensional.’ That’s when the game changed,” The Voice contestant Tony Lucca told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

The former Mickey Mouse Club cast member was referring to a comment from coach Christina Aguilera after his performance of “In Your Eyes” several weeks ago. Never one to mince words, Aguilera had called Lucca "one-dimensional" and also implied that Lucca may have an unfair advantage because of support from fellow former Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake.

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Lucca and Adam Levine had responded the following week with a powerful performance of another former Mouseketeer’s song, Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.” Lucca’s aggressive performance was the stand out of the night.

Many had thought that after that, Aguilera would be done making slights toward Lucca. But this week’s comments hinted at some more underlying aggression.

On Monday’s semifinal, Lucca performed The Heavy’s “How Do You Like Me Now?” Framed by two dancers, the contestant and former Mickey Mouse Club member built on last week’s outstanding performance of “Baby One More Time.”

When he finished, coach Aguilera couldn’t help but mention that she was the one who had cleared the song for the show, at first planning it for use by her former team member, Moses Stone.

Later in the show, after the other Team Adam contestant, Katrina Parker performed the Fugees’ version of “Killing Me Softly,” Aguilera said, “I do have to say one thing because I keep it real.”

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“I just encourage Adam to really look at you, and I know the obvious predictable choice for Adam would to be swayed towards Tony because of their vibe,” she said. “But I’m telling you, take a look at Katrina Parker because she’s a star.

After the show, Lucca spoke to THR about Aguilera’s continued comments, and their relationship when they were on The Mickey Mouse Club many years ago.

“We weren’t really friends on the show,” he told THR. “She was 12 and I was 17. So at that age, there were the older kids and the younger kids.”

“We had a wonderful working relationship,” he added. “There were music numbers that we did where I would sing background for her, and there were dance numbers and all that kind of stuff.”

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Lucca, who called his “How Do You Like Me Now?” performance a culmination of all of his favorite things about rock ‘n’ roll, said he was baffled by her comment encouraging Levine to vote for Parker.

“I don’t disagree with her suggestion that Adam consider us both. I think the world of Katrina. She’s phenomenal,” he said. “But of the four coaches, especially at this point in the game, it doesn’t seem like anyone is trying to manipulate or steer anyone else’s tough decisions, so for her to do that it seemed a little out of place.”

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Lucca added, “Now I’m just more confused than anything.”

On Tuesday, the judges will divide up 100 points between their two remaining contestants, and then America’s vote will be added to determine which four people will make it into next week’s finale.