Thomas Middleditch Responds to Alex Jones' "Beta Male" Criticism

After Alex Jones went on a tirade about The Hollywood Reporter’s "Triumph of the Beta Male" cover featuring the Silicon Valley cast was a prime example of “alpha males” being "taken control of and being enslaved,” Thomas Middleditch argued on Tuesday's Late Show With Stephen Colbert that Jones shouldn’t worry.

“I go to bed in full plaid eating a cheeseburger and shooting a gun,” the Silicon Valley star quipped of his "alpha male" bona fides after Colbert asked about Jones’ criticism. “In all truth I consider myself more of a theta male. I’m way down there. I’m cucking the cucks.”

Being that the actor’s Silicon Valley character is a techie, Colbert took a moment to ask Middleditch for his thoughts on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica story, in which allegations emerged that data on 50 million Facebook users had been used by the data analysis firm that ran the digital campaign for Donald Trump during the presidential election.

“I deleted that thing years ago,” Middleditch said of his Facebook account. “It honestly doesn’t surprise me.” The actor then compared the news to learning that Google catered searches based on algorithms. “The aggregation of the internet is the worst thing to have happened. How can you control elections with bots and minions to, like, create trends when they don’t even exist?”

Middleditch also said that he’s “happy it’s out there,” because now “people can take the red pill and get woke.” Returning to mock Jones for his criticism, the actor then proceeded to impersonate the controversial TV host yelling, “It’s documented! We got aliens! You’re an alien and I’m an alien because I’m part of the illuminati. Buy my protein powder.”