Tiffani Thiessen Unamused by 'Saved By The Bell' Ambush Reunion (Video)

Tiffani Thiessen on Today Show - H 2013

Tiffani Thiessen on Today Show - H 2013

Nostalgia for the '90s is all the rage right now, but Tiffani Thiessen, one of the decade's biggest TV stars, isn't feeling the love. The White Collar actress, who first captured (and broke) hearts in the hallways of Saved By The Bell, was unpleasantly surprised by an unexpected reunion with a former co-star during a guest stint on Today.

"We're actually reliving the '90s, so this should be right up your alley," said anchor Natalie Morales to Thiessen. The set was transformed to resemble Saved By The Bell's diner hangout The Max, and Thiessen was challenged to a trivia game about the decade's TV shows alongside Morales and against Willie Geist.

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Just as Al Roker was about to ask the first trivia question, a familiar voice shouted, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What's going on here?" In walked Dennis Haskins, who played Bayside High School's principal, Mr. Belding.

"Can I just say hi real quick?" said Haskins as he approached Thiessen, who could hardly manage a stale smile. Trying to fill the awkward silence, Morales announced that "Tiffany's in shock!"

Haskins then stepped in as the game show host and asked trivia questions about Golden Girls, My So-Called Life, Melrose Place and Thiessen's 90210. He couldn't resist echoing his popular line, "My office, now!" when someone broke the game show rules.

Watch the ambush reunion backfire below:

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