Tiffany Haddish Shows Jimmy Kimmel Her Tracy Morgan Impression

Tiffany Haddish-Jimmy Kimmel-Publicity-H 2019
ABC/Randy Holmes

Tiffany Haddish shared her best impression of her Last O.G. co-star and "one of the richest people" she knows, Tracy Morgan, when she stopped Tuesday by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which is airing from Las Vegas this week.

"He's the only person I know that's like, 'Tiffany, you know I got eight octopuses. I have eight octopuses and I'm gonna get me another one,"' she said with her best impression of TBS co-star Morgan. "'You know my fish tank is crazy.'"

The actress and comedian also spoke about her upcoming starring role in the film The Kitchen. Haddish related to Kimmel how people were surprised to hear about her casting in the female-fronted mob drama, which co-stars Melissa McCarthy. "This guy's like, 'Wow, Tiffany. I didn't know you can really act. You can act. You're acting now,'" she recalled of one person. "I was like, 'Yeah, I've been acting. I'm acting like I care about what you got to say, sir.'"

Haddish said that same man later asked for a selfie. "I was like, 'Can you pay me?,'" she said. "Usually I don't charge anything, but because he insulted my talent, I charged him $50."

The actress said she only charges photos for people who clearly have not seen her projects and refer to her films as "little," which Haddish explained was disrespectful. "'I haven’t seen your little movie that I heard made a little bit. What'd it make, like 100 million something dollars?,'" she mocked. '"My mama loves you, though. Can I get a picture with you? 'Cause my mama loves you.' And I'll be like, '$50.'"

Kimmel said that the $50 photos seem reasonable. "I'm sorry, I'm bitter. I got issues," Haddish then joked. "This is really a conversation I should be having with my therapist."

Watch Haddish's appearance, below.