Tiffany Haddish Role-Plays Imaginary Date With Brad Pitt

Tiffany Haddish on Fallon - Screenshot - H 2018

When Tiffany Haddish met Brad Pitt at a pre-Oscars party earlier this year, the War Machine star joked that if they were both single in one year, they might give dating a try. But on The Tonight Show on Friday night, Haddish jumped the gun and role-played what that date might look like with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon suggested the two try acting out a theoretical date after Haddish detailed her encounter with Pitt at the 2018 Gersh Oscars party. She said she was in an elevator with Pitt and actress Elizabeth Perkins and Perkins' husband when she told Perkins she wished she could find a man who looked at her like Perkins' husband looked at Perkins. Pitt, said Haddish, then suggested, "If I'm single in here and you're single in here, maybe we can get together and see what happens." (In different versions of the story Haddish has told, he added, "in one year.")

Haddish added as a kicker: "And then I did some research, and he got a gang of kids. I can't do it. I wanna be baby mama No. 1. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't eat dinner with him and play around, but I want to be No. 1."

Fallon then pulled out a paper mask of Pitt's face and suggested they show the audience what a date might look like. In the role-play, Haddish tried and failed to take Pitt to a restaurant in her " 'hood," South Central.

"How's Angie?" she asked him in the car. Pitt, played by Fallon, eventually booted her out, and she told him off for leaving her on the side of the road when she had gotten dressed up for the date.

Watch her story below.