'Tiger King' Streaming Tops 5 Billion Minutes, Nielsen Says

Tiger King- Murder, Mayhem and Madness - Netflix Publicity 3 -H 2020

Netflix's breakout docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness racked up more streaming minutes in its first full week of release than any other show.

Nielsen has already noted the show's growth over its first 10 days of release. More data from the ratings service shows that despite only having seven episodes, Tiger King racked up more streaming minutes than any other title in Nielsen's SVOD Content Ratings (which currently includes Netflix and Amazon) in the week of March 23.

Users watched more than 5.3 billion minutes of the show from March 23-29. That's more than 50 percent ahead of the second show on the list, Ozark (3.5 billion minutes). The CW's All American (1.8 billion minutes) — which now has both of its seasons on Netflix — and The Office (about 1.5 billion minutes) also topped the 1 billion mark for the week.

Additionally, the Joel McHale-hosted aftershow released April 12 racked up a sizable first-day audience, topping the best single-day audience for the rest of the series in its first 10 days of release. The Tiger King and I had an average viewership of 4.6 million for its first day, ahead of the single-day total for the series as a whole from March 20-29. The biggest audience for Tiger King in that period was 4.06 million on March 28.

Across its first 10 days, Tiger King averaged 19 million viewers, making it one of Netflix's biggest shows to date, per the Nielsen SVOD ratings (numbers that Netflix contends don't give a full picture of its content, as they're just for viewing on TV sets and only for the U.S.).

Nielsen says viewers streamed 169.9 billion minutes of content in the week of April 6, the most since the novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic in mid-March. It tops the 168.7 billion minutes for March 23-29. Netflix use accounted for about a third of the total, with "others" — Disney+, CBS All Access, Apple TV+ and some niche platforms — making up 27 percent. YouTube was next at 19 percent, followed by Hulu (12 percent) and Amazon (8 percent). Streamers' share of the audience has remained pretty consistent over the past month.