Time and Blumhouse Television Team on Pair of Gun Violence Docs

TIME Magazine Parkland Teens - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of TIME

The gun violence debate will be the subject of two upcoming documentaries.

Time and Blumhouse Television are partnering to produce two docs, The Walkout and Enough, about the history and impact of gun violence in schools and the recent student-led movement to implement change. The programs will be executive produced by Blumhouse Television’s Marci Wiseman, Jeremy Gold and Mary Lisio, along with Time’s Bruce Gersh, Ian Orefice, Lance Nichols and Edward Felsenthal.

The first project currently in production, The Walkout, takes an immersive look at the student activism that emerged following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Told from the point of view of students, The Walkout combines the work of student filmmakers with professional documentary crews following student activists from around the country at the earliest stages of this growing movement. The Walkout will follow this movement leading up to the April 20, 2018, high school walkout.

The second documentary, Enough, continues the "never again" tone of The Walkout, and takes a deep dive into the last 20 years of mass shootings in America, looking at the complicated history of gun control legislation, the ongoing trauma of survivors and victims’ families, and the work being done to prevent further tragedy. Enough is set to air around the twentieth anniversary of the Columbine tragedy in April 2019. 

"Blumhouse Television has developed an enviable track record producing unscripted programming, and the combination of great storytelling and unparalleled perspective from both Blumhouse and Time will result in the most captivating documentaries about this very important moment shaping our world," said Orefice, head of video at Meredith Corporation.

"We are excited to work with Blumhouse to translate Time’s vast archive and leading news reporting into timely programming, and to capture historical moments that continue to reverberate," said Time editor in chief Felsenthal. "The Walkout and Enough are especially exciting projects, reflecting our commitment to telling the story of this powerful student movement."

“With access to Time's archives as well as its current, active journalism, we have the ability to tell relevant stories about the topics that keep us up at night, whether from the past or present as these two projects so aptly demonstrate,” said Wiseman, co-president of Blumhouse Television, with the indie studio’s other co-president Gold adding, “While the events may be familiar to the audience, the perspective and our storytelling lens won’t be.”

In September, Showtime aired a documentary about mass shootings, Active Shooter: America Under Fire. The eight-part docuseries focused on the numerous shooting incidents that have occurred in the U.S., including those in Aurora, Colorado, Charleston, South Carolina and Orlando, Florida.