Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Best Moments: 8 of the Golden Globes Hosts' Past Collaborations (Video)

Amy Poehler & Tina Fey

The "Parks and Recreation" (left) and "30 Rock" pals, who both lost for lead actress in a comedy series, at the Governors Ball.

The internet rejoiced when it was announced on Monday that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the 2013 Golden Globes, and for good reason: there is more than ample evidence to assure that the two NBC stars are a dynamic pair.

They were improv partners at Second City, Saturday Night Live co-stars (including two years as Weekend Update co-anchors), film co-stars (Mean Girls and Baby Mama) and just generally spice up every award and talk show on which they appear. Add in the fact that they are best friends -- at this coming Saturday's Comedy Central Night of Too Many Stars, they auction off a chance to hang out with them, which went for $36,000 -- and the public knows they will be in for a treat.

The Globes are still three months away, but it's not too early to start getting excited for the performance. And so, here are 8 of their best collaborations -- of course, there are many more, but it's a nice introduction.

The Hillary Clinton/Sarah Palin Cold Open on SNL in 2008

Co-starring in Mean Girls

Mentoring Lindsay Lohan on SNL Weekend Update

Co-starring in Baby Mama

Playing "Sexy Tennis" on ASSSSCAT Improv

Joining Seth Meyers for a Reallllly? special on Weekend Update

Presenting at the 2008 Emmys

The Jersey Floor Spoof on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon