Tina Fey Dishes on Sketch Ideas Ahead of 'SNL' Finale

Tina Fey stopped by the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday ahead of this weekend's Saturday Night Live hosting gig, and the two laughed over a letter Fey wrote to her future self, and of course, a game of Fallon's. 

Fey claimed she wrote the letter just last month, on a previous Tonight Show appearance, but its contents might hint at what to expect on this weekend's SNL season finale. 

"I can't wait to host SNL with you on May 19 and pitch all my ideas, which will definitely be on the show," Fey's letter read. Among the sketch ideas were an all-robot reboot of Jersey Shore, a commercial for a breast pump that also "rates your boobs," a sketch called "Mitt Promney," and a Queer Eye spinoff: Queer Eye for the Pad Thai, but it's "just Antoni in his underpants and he never cooks the pad thai." 

Fey's letter also suggested bits focused on characters like Sheila, who brings a cat carrier on a date and uses "meowza!" as a catchprase, and a Playboy bunny who has "buck teeth and poops pellets." 

"I had so many good ideas last month!" Fey said. The letter ended with instructions to look under her seat for a surprise, and upon finding a hamburger, she enthusiastically ate it. 

The fun continued with "What's Behind Me?" a game that sounds exactly like what it is, with Fallon and Fey taking turns getting each other to guess what's behind them. The answers included "The Beatles hula-hooping in the snow" and "two ETs at a pottery wheel on the beach," à la Ghost

"It's surprisingly sexy," Fey said of the extraterrestrials. 

After this weekend's hosting gig — and before June's Tonys, where her Mean Girls musical is nominated for 12 awards — Fey said she plans to take a vacation with her family in New Jersey. Fey wouldn't reveal where in Jersey because she admittedly doesn't want to run into anyone, but she did say it's "kind of a haunted-y old Victorian town." 

And yes, she's had her own haunted experience while there. "So, one time we're in this nice old, old Victorian house," Fey said, explaining she was pregnant at the time, and her daughter Alice was five. "And [Alice] was sleeping on a cot on the foot of our bed 'cause we all pile the whole family in the house."

She said at some point during the night, she felt Alice kicking the bed. "So I got up to go tell her to stop doing it," Fey said. "She was not doing it!"

Then, the next day, Fey said her family went on a ghost tour. The guide — whose South Jersey accent Fey tried to imitate — proceeded to tell everyone that "Many people have reported instances such as feeling a cold breeze or feeling that someone was pushing on the foot of their bed." 

Fey also described an experience her sister-in-law had in the same house, where she thought she heard a ball rolling around upstairs. "Cut to — take a second, different ghost tour," Fey said, explaining that this guide also told a story that resonated with her. "He's like, 'Well in this house, traditionally there was a young child named Anna, who was known to roll the ball around and sometimes people would see a ball roll down the stairs.'"

"This is how I relax," Fey joked to a freaked-out Fallon.