Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon Return to 'SNL' as Sought-After Philly Voters

Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon on SNL - H 2016

Saturday Night Live veterans Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon made a special appearance during the "Weekend Update" segment on Saturday's episode, appearing as female voters from Philadelphia. 

Colin Jost introduced them as part of a story about the election's swing states, saying that after the lewd tapes were released with presidential candidate Donald Trump making offensive remarks against women, female voters in the area have become the most important voters of this election. 

Fey and Fallon appeared in full Philly gear and sporting local accents (that Fallon kept slipping out of). 

“You love Trump,” Fey said. “You’re always like, ‘Oh, his hair’s real, ya know,'” referencing Trump’s appearance on The Tonight Show, when Fallon was playful with the Republican candidate, mussing his hair and joking about the election. 

“I don’t like that he called Alicia Machado fat,” said Fallon.

Fey quipped: “He looks like someone who opened a quesadilla to pick the chicken out."

She added that she also had problems with Hillary Clinton, however, because when her husband cheated on her she “didn’t finish the job,” suggesting she should have “cut off [Gennifer Flowers'] ponytail.”

“Men are always gonna be gross,” Fallon said, when Jost asked them to clarify that their opinion was that Trump "is like a drunk clown.”

The duo weren't big fans of Trump's running mate, either. “He seems normal because he’s next to Trump — he’s really Biff from Back to the Future,” Fey said. “Also it’s 2016, what old white man still thinks he’s in charge of gays and women?”