Tina Fey Doubles Down on Disinterest in Oscar Hosting, Discusses Her New Puppy (Video)

Tina Fey Letterman - H 2013

Tina Fey Letterman - H 2013

Two New York comedy icons were in vintage form on Wednesday night's Late Show: David Letterman kicked back, gave a wry smile and made sure to know as little as possible about his guest; and Tina Fey told some self-deprecating anecdotes about motherhood, fashion and food.

Almost off the bat, Letterman asked Fey whether she was interested in hosting the Oscars following her critically beloved performance at the Golden Globes with Amy Poehler. The issue, she said, is how many wardrobe changes that task would require; having hosted a sweatpants-mandatory Oscars viewing party this year, Fey isn't interested in cycling through dresses throughout one evening onstage.

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They segued into talk of 30 Rock -- Letterman didn't know when it aired its finale -- and its diaspora of stars.

"The fact that we did seven years and finished it and nobody went to jail is a great source of pride," she cracked. Fey called the post-30 Rock era "Google Alerts time," where she gets word of the exploits of Tracy Morgan ("ohh") and Alec Baldwin ("oooooohh...").

Now that she's unemployed, Fey is spending time with her kids -- both daughters, she reminded Letterman -- and their new puppy (which doesn't go well with her allergies).

"Santa Claus brought us a dog," she joked, "because Santa Claus hates me."

Fey's new film, Admission, opens March 22.