Tina Fey Predicts Ellen Will Become Late Night Host (Video)

Also on late night TV: Barbara Walters makes a "suicide pact" with her fellow soon-to-be retiree David Letterman.

On Late Night, Tina Fey offered her theory on how women will finally break into the late night TV wars, and it has to do with having the correct attire.

"Ellen is going to be the first person to break through, because she is already wearing jackets," Fey said of Ellen DeGeneres. Make sense?

Speaking of trailblazers, Barbara Walters, who retires this week, hit it off with David Letterman, also poised to give up his TV perch. The pair decided to "ride off into the sunset together," or as Letterman described it: "I think we just made a suicide pact!"

On NBC's The Tonight Show, Lance Bass played classic souvenir Big Mouth Billy Bass. (You have to watch to understand.)

What were your favorite moments from Wednesday's late night shows?