Tina Fey Shows Footage of Alleged Office Theft on 'Late Show' (Video)

The writer-actress tells David Letterman that someone stole her laptop.

Someone stole Tina Fey's jokes.

After 30 Rock ended, the writer-actress and a small staff opened up an office in Manhattan, but shortly after moving in, they were robbed, Fey said Wednesday night on The Late Show With David Letterman.

"I was like, 'Oh, we're back in the big city,'" Fey said, noting that the 30 Rock offices were in Queens.

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Fey thinks that the office was burglarized by one of their movers, who may have helped himself to a computer when he dropped off their second delivery.

"They were like, 'Oh, you gotta come down to sign the thing,'" she explained skeptically.

Then, she believes, while her staff was downstairs signing for the delivery, one of the movers went upstairs and took her laptop, which contained all of her ideas.

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She even aired surveillance video of the alleged crime, showing a man walking in to her office, looking around and then walking out with a laptop in a manila envelope.

Letterman and Fey pointed out that he could've just borrowed it, but when asked if there's tape of him returning it, Fey said, "Not yet!"

Meanwhile, Fey, who's trying to come up with ideas for new TV shows, said that after the crime she told the NBC, "I need like another two years."