TLC to Air 'Wives With Beehives' Special on Women Living Like It's the 1950s (Video)

Taking a different turn from the antics of "Honey Boo Boo," the one-hour outing will focus on four women trying to turn back the clock on family values.

TLC is going back in time.

The network has acquired Wives With Beehives for a premiere later this month -- and in what looks to be a 180-degree turn from the antics of Honey Boo Boo, this special will showcase a handful of American families trying to turn the clock back to a time of "old-fashioned values and morals."

Produced by GRB Entertainment, Wives With Beehives follows four women who have decided to live their lives and run their households as if it was still the 1950s. Not only does this mean adhering to a strict moral code of the buttoned-up decade, it also means the women dress and style their titular hair as if the 21st century never happened.

Those women include Amber, Shelby, Leslie and Dollie -- the latter of whom has gotten her husband to adopt her retro garb. Like a few other TLC series and specials, the women of Beehives are also prone to collecting.

Wives With Beehives is being billed as a special, but a solid ratings could bode well for an afterlife. It's how Extreme Couponing started.

Watch the clip below, before Wives With Beehives' Thursday, Dec. 27, premiere at 10 p.m. ET: