TLC Goes International With '90-Day Fiance' Series (Exclusive)

TLC is going international, ordering docuseries 90-Day Fiance.

The cable network has ordered six hourlong episodes that will follow couples as women travel to the U.S. on K-1 visas to live with their prospective husbands for the first time. The couples must marry before their visas expire in 90 days or the women must leave the country and return home.

In addition to living together, the couples will have to overcome language barriers, culture shock, the stigma of being considered mail-order brides as well as skeptical friends and family, all against a clicking tock that starts the moment they step foot on U.S. soil.

The six episodes will follow four relationships, with a fifth exclusively on The series premieres Sunday, Jan. 12 at 10 p.m.

Here's a look at the couples set to be featured in the unique docuseries:

Alan (from Los Angeles, CA) & Kirlyam (from Brazil):
Alan, 29, met Kirlyam, 21, while he was on a religious mission in Brazil. This devoutly Mormon and sexually abstinent couple have seen each other only a few times, in short two-week intervals. When Kirlyam, a humble but gorgeous girl from a small village in Brazil, lands in glitzy L.A., she falls in love with the world of flash and fashion. Focused on the future, Alan wants to rush the wedding, while Kirlyam wonders if 90 days is enough time to commit.

Louis (from Indianapolis, IL) & Aya (from Philippines):
After a bad breakup with his ex-wife, Louis, 33, a father of two, decided to try his hand at online dating and won the heart of Aya, 30, a hard-working Filipino woman. After a seven-day trip to the Philippines for their first face-to-face meeting, Louis decided to propose. Louis will not get married until his family is comfortable with the decision. Now Aya must win over not only Louis' two children but his ex-wife as well.

Mike (from Cleveland, OH) & Aziza (from Russia):
Mike, 31, and Aziza, 21, met on an international language learning website, where Mike wanted to learn Russian for an upcoming trip while Aziza wanted to learn English -- and after just six days together in person, the two decided to get married. As a full-time student, Aziza has never had to take care of anything but her studies, but Mike is eager to start a family, adding to the pressure.

Russ (from Owasso, OK) & Paola (from Colombia):
After moving to Colombia for work, country boy Russ, 27, met Paola, 26, at a local house party. Russ, an all-American oil worker raised in the heartland, returns back home and brings his sultry South American fiancee along -- but he worries that his slow-paced, prairie lifestyle doesn't mesh with the fast and fiery city life she loves. Plus, she's not only living with him, but at home with his parents, for some additional culture shock.

Featured on will be Len (from Scottsdale, AZ) & Alina (from Ukraine):
Len, 48, is a successful businessman and one of Scottsdale's most eligible bachelors. While traveling in the Ukraine, Len spotted Alina, 23, in a coffee shop with some friends. The two hit it off right away and began communicating regularly online. After a one-week vacation, Len and Alina decided to pursue a more serious relationship, and Len asked her to come to the U.S. Slowing things down is Alina's concern about her happiness as she leaves behind an active social life and studies to live in the suburbs, where the only person she knows is her new fiance.