TLC Wants You to Meet the 'World's Smallest Man' (Exclusive Video)


TLC has given us a look into the lives of little people with Little People, Big World and The Little Couple, and we know it can be challenging. So, imagine what it would be like to be the smallest person on the planet? TLC’s upcoming special, World’s Smallest Man, does just that.

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The Hollywood Reporter has a sneak peek at the special featuring 25-year-old Colombian, Edward Hernandez. At 27 inches tall (that’s 2 feet 3 inches, people!) he’s the Guinness world record holder for being the shortest man on earth. The special follows Hernandez as he deals with his newfound fame and wonders just how long it will all last before someone else takes the title from him.

World’s Smallest Man airs Sunday, Sept. 11 at 10 p.m.

Watch the sneak peek above.

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