TLC's 'My Collection Obsession': 16-Year-Old Kyle Loves a Vacuum or 200 (Exclusive Video)


Once again, TLC illuminates what separates humans from animals in its new special, My Collection Obsession, premiering this Sunday. The special features collectors who have taken human beings’ natural curiosity and love for inanimate objects to extreme levels. And The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip.

Darlene, has about 15,000 shoe-related items in her collection. Marilyn sees her immense doll collection as part of the family. And Harrell and Patrick’s big love for Dolly Parton could fill a home – and it does. Their three-story abode is packed with memorabilia honoring the country legend from floor to ceiling. That might earn them a special surprise visitor (but you didn't hear that from us).

In our exclusive clip above, you’ll meet Kyle. He has been obsessed with vacuums since before he learned to walk (which, of course, was behind a vacuum). And now at the age of 16, his collection has grown to 150 or 200 vacuums. He’s a mom’s dream, since he’ll sometimes vacuum the house three times in a day. His legendary love of the dirt-busting machines has even reached manufacturers who’ll send Kyle new vacuums for testing.

My Collection Obsession premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m.

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