TLC's 'My Crazy Obsession' Gets Pet-Friendly in Season 2 (Exclusive Video)

My Crazy Obsession, TLC's exposé on the world's more whimsical hoarders, returns to the network April 3.

Ahead of the premiere, the network is starting to release a few clips of its latest subjects -- like this one of Chantale. She's a wife and mother who also happens to treat her 19 pet rats like children.

"It smells like nachos," she says, after nuzzling one of her rodents.

Life isn't a total breeze for Chantale, though. While her son appears to be on board with his siblings, her husband asked her to move them out of the house.

Other obsessives getting showcased during the upcoming season include a woman with more than 6,000 pieces of pig paraphernalia, a man constantly preoccupied with Barbara Eden and someone living as a "merman."