'Today' Show: Octomom Gets The Highest Paid Babysitters Ever (Video)


In case you missed it, allow us to take you back to Friday morning when Nadya Suleman aka Octomom appeared with Ann Curry on NBC’s Today with nine of her kids in tow.

Aside from Octomom’s very "mature" take on her finances (thank you, Suze Ormon), and her announcement that she gave up her nannies, makes money doing appearances (including boxing matches, by the way), as well as getting certified as a personal trainer, she insisted her kids are very well-behaved.

That was said, of course, as the children had their way with Studio 1A and pretty much every on-air personality on the show chased her children around the studio. Where was Matt Lauer you ask? Proving once again that he’s the smartest person at Today by making himself scarce.

The kids hit the fan at a little more than three minutes in. Watch the video above.