'Togetherness' Star Amanda Peet Offers Perfect Response to Topless Question

The actress jokes about revealing scenes in her new HBO comedy
Prashant Gupta

Jay and Mark Duplass' latest collaboration, HBO comedy Togetherness, bows on Jan. 11. And while the comedy-drama seemed to be getting a warm reception from TV critics at the winter press tour, one of the more-discussed elements of their panel had little do with the series itself.

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"Is it difficult to stay in a comic place when when you're topless on set?" one reporter asked star Amanda Peet, part of the core foursome that also includes Mark Duplass, Melanie Lynskey and Steve Zissis. Peet offered about as sharp of an answer as any after being asked about her own nudity while on stage in a room of hundreds.

"I think it's very important to stay in a comic place if you're going to take your clothes off at 42 after you've breastfed two children," she said, laughing. "Otherwise, it's tragic."

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Jay Duplass elaborated on Peet's light attitude on set. "When were about to shoot that boob scene, someone was in the other room screaming, 'Who wants to see some 42-year-old boobs?'"

The line of questioning may, however, have offended one on stage. "I showed my balls," joked Mark Duplass, "and nobody is asking about that!"