Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Tom Brady in Latest Chapter of Fake Matt Damon Feud

The ABC late-night host and the Patriots star looked for a place to throw a football before setting their sights on the actor's home.
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Tom Brady helped Jimmy Kimmel continue his fake feud with Matt Damon during Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

During the New England Patriots quarterback's appearance on the late-night talk show, Kimmel asked if he believes his throwing arm is still as strong as it used to be. After Brady confidently answered that he still has a strong throwing arm, the two made their way outside of the studio to test out Brady's athletic abilities.

Brady and Kimmel, along with the show's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, took a cab ride to a suburban home so that Brady had an large amount of room to throw a football without putting anyone in danger.

After they arrived at the house, Kimmel instructed Brady to throw the football through a window on the second floor.

An angry Damon, wearing a T-shirt that advertised his 2011 film We Bought a Zoo, soon walked out of the front door after the ball broke the window.

"Oh my gosh," said Kimmel. "Do you live here?"

"You know I live here," responded Damon. The actor continued to accuse Kimmel of breaking the window until Brady owned up to his actions.

"My friend Tom threw that. We were seeing how strong his arm is and it turns out its real strong," explained Kimmel. "It went right through the window of your house. That's how strong his arm is."

While Damon agreed that Brady has a strong arm, he pointed out that the broken window is in one of his children's bedrooms.

Brady apologized to Damon, though Kimmel responded, "It's Matt. It doesn't matter."

Damon then asked Brady if they could get a picture, handing Kimmel his phone, which was decorated with a unicorn case.

Instead of taking the photo, Kimmel threw Damon's phone through another window. "It just slipped out of my hand," he said.

After Kimmel said that the throw was an accident, Damon called him out on lying. "Oh you've never had an accident. You never did anything wrong," said the host.

"I didn't say I never did anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong right now," responded Damon. "I didn’t throw something through my own f—ing window."

The sketch ended with Damon wanting Brady and Kimmel to meet someone. 

But they left before Damon returned to his front yard with "Big Tom" and "Little Tom," which were a body pillow and doll of Brady. "Tommy? I sleep in the middle," Damon said as the cab pulled away. As Damon explained that the body pillow was good for his back, the cab backed into his mailbox.

Brady and Damon have been outspoken about their fake rivalry in the past. During the 2018 World Series, Damon and Kimmel wore "I'm with stupid" shirts as they rooted for opposing teams, while Kimmel even called out Damon during his hosting stint at the Oscars in 2017.

Watch the full sketch below.