Tom Cruise Says 'Mission: Impossible' Ankle Fracture Happened During "Easy" Stunt

Tom Cruise is no stranger to filming action movies and performing stunts. But on the latest Mission: Impossible film, Fallout, he broke his ankle while doing an "easy" feat, the actor explained on Monday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

After praising Cruise for his work with stunts, host Fallon asked which stunt the actor was doing when the injury occurred. "It was the easy one where I'm running and I jump from one building to the next," said Cruise.

Fallon then listed a number of chases featured in the film, which involve cars, boats, motorcycles, running and helicopters. "I trained for a year and a half to fly the helicopter," revealed the actor.

A clip from the film was then shared as Cruise's character Ethan Hunt dangles from a rope that is attached to a flying helicopter.

The actor admitted that he was scared while filming the scene. "It was funny because when I got up to the top of that skid and I have to — first of all, I have to climb up that thing a million times. It was freezing cold," Cruise recalled. "When I got up there, I go into a free fall down the rope and there's just a moment where I'm thinking, 'I don’t want to let go. I don't want to do it.'

"I just don't want to because I'm in free fall. I don’t want to end up on my head hitting that ball," he said. "I rehearse and practice this stuff — not hitting my head — but it hurts when you hit your back and you fly off, but it didn't happen."

Cruise and Fallon also played Mad Lib Theater, with Cruise supplying some silly words for a dramatic scene. Watch the full performance below.