Tom Cruise Teaches Jon Stewart How to Get Into Action-Star Shape on 'Daily Show'

Tom Cruise Daily Show Still - H 2015

If Jon Stewart wants to look like Tom Cruise, he might have his work cut out for him.

The Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation star appeared on Tuesday's Daily Show, where Stewart asked how long it would take for him to look as good as Cruise does in the film without a shirt. 

"I don't take off my shirt even to shower," Stewart claimed. When Cruise told him it depends how much time he wants to put in, Stewart replied, "I don't want to put in any time, but I don't want to humiliate myself at the pool."

Stewart asked if his diet should be altered, to which Cruise answered, "You've got to look at your diet, yes — that would be a good start." The actor added, "For Mission movies, I'm spending months training for the different sequences."

Stewart also told Cruise that he wishes that the star didn't just play action heroes in films these days. 

"Remember yearning Tom Cruise, vulnerable Tom Cruise, 'you complete me' Tom Cruise?" Stewart asked, referring to such previous Cruise projects as 1996's Jerry Maguire. "Where's that guy? Now it's all, you're hanging onto planes and shooting aliens." 

"That's Mission," Cruise responded, adding that his character in 2014's Edge of Tomorrow was "pretty vulnerable" and a "total coward." Cruise also said that he plans to begin shooting the next Mission: Impossible film next summer.