Tom Hanks Wants to Go to the Moon With Newt Gingrich (Video)

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Tom Hanks (CAA) will make his Broadway debut in Nora Ephron's "Lucky Guy," about the career highs and lows of controversial tabloid reporter Mike McAlary in 1980s New York.

Tom Hanks came thisclose to reaching the moon in Apollo 13, so it only makes sense that he would sign on with the presidential candidate that could offer him a return trip to space.

The Oscar-winner appeared on Late Show with David Letterman on Monday to promote his new film, Cloud Atlas, but with two weeks left until the country picks a new commander in chief, he obviously couldn't help but talk about politics. As he noted in the interview, he's a strong supporter of President Obama's -- this we know: he provided his iconic voice to the president's bio film that was presented at the DNC -- but he also admitted to having a bit of a flirtation with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich during his run for the GOP nomination.

VIDEO: Tom Hanks Crashes the Obama-Romney Debate on 'SNL'

"Sign me up. This man has got to become President of the United States," Hanks exclaimed. "I made an annoncement to the kids: 'say goodbye to dad, papu is going to the moon. I'm going to ride in rocket ships, I'm going to wear space helmets, I'm going to talk to computers: I'm going to live on the moon!' What I wanted to do since I was 12-years old, Dave, get us out of here. I am going to be citizen number size on Moon Base Callista."

Unfortunately, Hanks' order for bumper stickers for Gingrich not only came after he left the race, but came in terribly misspelled, as well.

Watch his animated discussion below (and now, he didn't drop any F-bombs).